We commit to your safety

Our consumers place their trust in us to offer only products whose safety has been thoroughly evaluated and quality ensured. We never forsake that trust.
All of our ingredients and products undergo rigorous safety evaluations
before they are placed on the market.

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You can trust a L’Oréal Paris skincare, because we are committed to the highest level of safety for your skin.

Behind each product the mission of no less than 100 scientific experts is to screen each formula to eliminate any undesirable or harmful substance. They calculate their optimal dosage and divide it by safety factor 100 to take into account cumulative application of different products, but also check the entire environment to avoid any mismatch. Before going through clinical safety tests, we also test our ingredients or formulas on reconstructed skin.

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When we are sure that we have reached a maximum degree of security, our product are tested by independent dermatologists. Skincare product tolerance is evaluated on all skin types, including sensitive skin, and tested under dermatological control with a minimum of 600 applications. These tests include large panels of volunteers and several skin types including sensitive skin.

Our commitment to safety does not stop there, as the Group has also adopted the most advanced technologies to develop a predictive evaluation platform that allows us to ensure products safety and efficacy. In addition to this, a worldwide scientific watch and our practice of listening to our consumers helps us to take into account and to consider these also when deciding to reduce or to remove certain ingredients. This allows the continuous improvement of all our formulas even after their launch and is the key to guarantee you the highest level of safety.

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