Cura della barba

A man's skin needs products adapted to answer specific skin concerns and problems, which is why L'Oréal Paris has developed a whole range dedicated to all those wishing to take care of them. Our face creams and treatments are designed to moisturize, cleanse and soothe the male epidermis. Combat wrinkles and the signs of aging, get flawless skin and calm razor burns while getting rid of imperfections ... With our Men Expert range, it is very simple to improve the quality of your skin with targeted products. Your skin is nourished and purified, application after application. The textures are pleasant, light, fluid and are designed to provide comfort and protection throughout your day.

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  • Borse sotto gli occhi
  • Occhi gonfi
  • Combattere le linee sottili
  • Protezione cutanea
  • Rughe profonde
  • Imperfezioni cutanee
  • Anti-età
  • Idratazione cutanea
  • Cura della barba
  • Sensibilità della pelle
  • Imperfezioni cutanee
  • Rossori
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  • Hydra Energetic - Viso
  • Barber Club
  • Hydra Power
  • Vita Lift
  • Pure Charcoal
  • Stop Rughe
  • Hydra Sensitive Viso